Office Renovation

Office Renovation

A pleasant working environment is important for everyone and has a great impact on facilitating work. Every business has a different and unique set of requirements for creating a representative corporate identity. The building and the office of a company are the "showcase" of the company and determine to a great extent its profile and prestige, in relation to the competition.

At Renovator, we specialize in office improvements and renovations, with our first concern being the achievement of the company's goals through the correct analysis and remodeling of the space. Apart from the aesthetic part that is emphasized, the increase of workplace staff is a big issue for the companies. When designing, we always take into account the special needs and the size of the staff, in order to maximize the functionality of the space and the productivity of the employees.

First impressions are very important and the spaces must be in harmony with each other. Renovations of offices and business premises in general include meeting rooms, reception areas, indoor offices, etc. which are designed with the high know-how of Renovator to achieve a balanced and final result.


The company Renovator consists of experienced and capable professionals, who use in the technical works branded and quality materials, with duration and durability over time. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers, not only during the delivery of the project but also after frequent and intense use of space, as is usual in commercial real estate.

Regardless of the scale of the project, RENOVATOR responds with the same efficiency to the completion of the project and invests in the appropriate preparation to offer you a flawless result:

Determining the energy of the space: a basic condition of a successful professional space is to increase the efficiency of those working in it. The RENOVATOR team talks to you in order to arrive at a conclusion how you want the space to exude to the employees, the emotions that it will provoke and once this is determined it is adjusted according to your desire.

3D design illustration: then, the decorative team of our company captures its designs in 3D to have a more realistic image of your new office.

Lighting design: office lighting is the number one aim for the functionality and efficiency of employees. RENOVATOR undertakes the complete lighting study of your space for the best choice of direct lighting, as well as work lighting and atmospheric lighting. The result will be a fully and properly illuminated space!

Implementation of the project: after the completion of the above stages, it is time to implement the project. Our company pays maximum attention to the health dimension of the project and takes care of any health precautions needed.


  • Assessment of the interior of the building by our engineers
  • Preparation of a detailed economic and technical study adapted to the client's budget as well as setting a work schedule
  • Design and presentation of a proposal to the client with adjustment margins
  • Implementation of final plans with our crews
  • Delivery of the completed project to the customer


  • Demolition and dismantling for redevelopment and maximize space
  • Replacing electrical wiring and plumbing
  • Repair / Replace flooring
  • Installation of heating / air conditioning
  • Upgrading sound insulation and thermal insulation
  • Installation ventilation systems
  • Contractors and / or putting wallpaper
  • Placement of professional equipment / furniture
  • Installation of security systems
  • Installation / Replacement of security door


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