About us

Renovator is a leading technical company. Always building a strong relationship of trust with the customer from the first moment. Constantly at the forefront of renovation in Athens, specializing in the renovation and reconstruction of houses, apartments, apartment buildings and business premises. The design and architecture of gardens is also another one of our endeavors. We undertake the renovation, and reconstruction of each space, internally and externally. Our priority is always primary hygiene, with respect to the environment in which each client after the renovation will be invited to experience and work in. Our main concern and our specialty is proper energy management.

Our Work

  • Renovating
  • Redeveloping
  • renovate one room as well as entire building inside and out
  • Structuring
  • Architectural design, structuring, mechanical and dimensional photorealistic display (3d) of the space that is intended to be remodeled
  • ensured permits and energy certificates
  • We provide an excellent ergonomics of the new space in absolute relevance to your personal needs and desires
  • We decorate and build a garden, an apartment, a hotel, a restaurant, the offices of an entire company
  • Offering excellent space layout solutions and focused marketing ideas We always test the materials with the clients' presence, from a simple cable to a piece of furniture depending on the request

The Process

We methodically take care to bring the complete process of the renovation to your measures respecting your needs and wants always. Working with high quality scientific and technical staff, in multi-year partnerships with the largest companies giving us access to materials and special services.We use all available means of modern technology along with time-tested successful technical methods in order to achieve the best in the shortest time. With many years of experience we operate directly with the help of specialized technological equipment. In this way we ensure the fastest completion of the project with maximum quality at the lowest corresponding price

Target clients

We address all those who seek development, modernization, and a more comfortable living either at work or at home. To all who wish to stand in the market with a new look, which meets modern needs. To all who want ergonomics and energy economy in their space.


More than 20 years of experience in this field.For our scientific staff mainly: Architects, engineers, decorators, urban planners, lawyers, technologists.For our technical staff such as engineers, electricians, plumbers and even our own specialized workshops.For the latest technology machines and know-how so that the problems of each area are revealed from the very beginning, documented in all the dimensions.We still have:
Architects for interiors and gardens, decorators with great experience and success in Greece as well as abroad, also designers of furniture and objects.Always doing market research with you in order to achieve the highest quality materials at the lowest possible cost.

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