Apartment Renovation

Apartment Renovation

Remodeling an apartment is a complicated procedure that requires extensive research, planning, and specialized knowledge to have the desired results. Aspects like the quality and the age of the building structure, as well as the re-organizational needs of each separate room require experienced professionals with expertise in the renovation field.

RENOVATOR provides inclusive apartment renovating services tailored to your personal preferences and aims to offer a successful outcome.

At RENOVATOR, we follow a well-planned course of action for all our projects, whether it is a single room or an entire apartment.

We follow several steps:

  • Defining your emotional needs: How do you imagine yourself feeling in your apartment? Intimate? Inspired? Relaxed? A discussion with our team is necessary to offer you what you desire.
  • 3D Print: Our decorators will print their designs on a 3D version so you can take a realistic taste of your future apartment.
  • Light Study: Lighting is one of the key features of your new apartment. The quality of room lighting is able to highlight or completely destroy a space. That is why our team works hard to offer you the most suitable options for all 3 lighting types, including ambient, task, and accent lighting.
  • Project implementation: After completing all the above steps, it is time to turn the idea into reality. RENOVATOR takes care of every single task with great attention to the sanitary aspect of the project.

Our services:

  1. Evaluation of your apartment from our engineers
  2. Elaboration of a technical study tailored to the customer’s budget
  3. Creation of a project timeline
  4. Design and presentation of the project, including required revisions
  5. Project implementation – our team will organize, execute, and supervise every task
  6. Project realization



  • Demolition and wrecking
  • Replacement of the plumbing and electrical installation
  • Replacement of the interior door and window frames
  • Kitchen repair/remodeling
  • Bathroom repair/remodeling
  • Floor repair/replacement
  • Heating system installation
  • Upgrade of sound and heat insulation
  • Ventilation system installation
  • Painting and/or wallpapering
  • Furniture placement
  • Safety system installation
  • Placement/replacement of security door


  • Repair, plastering, and painting of the outside of the apartment
  • Replacement of exterior door and window frames
  • Terrace repair and insulation
  • External thermal insulation
  • Exterior arrangement

For more information, feel free to contact our team so we can come up with a project that will meet your aesthetic and financial criteria and will offer you the apartment of your dreams!


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