Real Estate Inspection

Real Estate Inspection

The real estate market has always been a very important investment for the prospective buyer. The amount of costs and the long-term commitment which are implemented in the purchase of a property, are elements that over burden such a move, and make it risky. It is not uncommon for unsuspecting people to buy their seemingly dream home in order to find themselves in uninformed damage and technical problems, which reduces the value of the home while increasing their costs.

The solution to this situation is given by a new service, called Property Inspection. Home Inspection, as it is known internationally, may be a new addition to the Greek market, but the same does not apply abroad. It has been a common practice in America for the past 30 years, and is widespread in Russia, England and Italy.

RENOVATOR, always listens to the Greek market needs, by incorporating Property inspection in its services it can now provide all the benefits of this option.


The Property Inspection contributes to the smooth and profitable outcome of the sale, providing the buyer with useful information about the condition of the property and minimizing the risk of unforeseen problems.

Of course, the advantages of Property inspection is not only limited to the above options. It also provides many other services.

  • The buyer is informed about the condition of the property and identifies any repair needs required BEFORE the completion of the purchase and its installation to the new property.
  • The operating systems of the house are checked and the buyer is informed about their efficiency and the way they work.
  • All the necessary information is provided for the best possible maintenance of the property.
  • Negotiating the cost of buying and selling is easier and enhances the buyer's sense of security, who can now be sure he has made the right choice.


Inspection is a form of control as to the condition of the property and its systems, which is carried out with the help of specialized modern equipment which includes a number of individual services.
1. Check plumbing
Plumbing is a very important part of the proper functioning of a house. RENOVATOR insures Property Inspection Service control:

  • The operation of all hydraulic points
  • Pressure adequacy
  • The existence and operation of the main switch
  • The drains
  • The slope basins in the bathrooms and balconies
  • The existence DHW conducts a visual inspection of the network

2. Checking electrical systems
Beyond the plumbing of a property, equally important for the operation and safety are its electrical systems. The Property Inspection conducts the following electrical work:

  • Checking of power mains
  • Checking operation and proper wiring sockets
  • Checking correct and safe operation of the table panel proficiency testing and
  • Confirmation of existence and proper functioning of conjogator switch

3. A Thermographic Survey consisting of a sophisticated thermographic camera
Carrying out inspections concerning:

  • Detection of problems due to lack of insulation
  • The negligent sealing of holes
  • The overheating of the panel
  • The presence of thermal bridges
  • The existence of waterproofing

4. Waterproofing - moisture detection
Visual inspection of waterproofing is performed in the data of each property, with emphasis on its problem areas as well as control of the humidity level in the property.

5. Visual inspection of statics
A visual inspection is performed for the existence and condition of the static carrier of the property.

6. Check for leaks on the property
Thorough inspection of the property to detect any leaks. Ability to detect even invisible leaks (built-in pipes) in parts of the house that are considered prone to such problems.

7. Inspection of frames
Inspection for the proper installation, and the desired performance that is necessary for the maintenance of the frames of the property.

8. Checking the operation of the fireplace and chimney
A special smoke system is used to check the correct operation of the fireplace and the chimney as well as the existence of the necessary shutter.

9. Cooling and heating control of the property
The existent operation and efficiency of the cooling and heating systems of the property are checked.

10. Checking for hazards
The necessary checks are carried out for the presence of any dangerous and harmful points in the house (sockets without safety lid in the bathroom, low railings, etc.)

11. Checking of thermal insulation and thermal bridges

12. Checking of the proper operation of equipment and machinery of the property

13. Calculation of the net squares of the property

14. Overall assessment of the condition of the property and its construction quality

RENOVATOR undertakes the services of the Property Inspector and its properly trained staff performs the necessary inspections without of course replacing the competent professionals. If the team deems that there is a need for more extensive control or more specialized knowledge, it will refer you to the competent licensed professionals depending on the nature of the issue.



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