Home Renovation

Home Renovation

The financial crisis has led all of us to more careful and measured moves in terms of our real estate. Especially buying a new home in these conditions seems like a distant dream. However, the transformation and upgrade of what we already have can become reality.

UPGRADING Ascetically AND Functionally

Many properties bear the signs of time. Bearing the damage to the exterior and interior of the house also old materials of technology that do not meet modern needs, followed by layout and decoration reminiscent of outdated times. In addition, new laws requiring energy upgrades are required, as environmental concerns become a state affair.

All of the above all add, to our customers varying needs. Sometimes individual meeting of needs are required and other situations require a radical renovation of the whole house. RENOVATOR undertakes small, medium and large scale projects with the same efficiency and professionalism. Our team of engineers, decorators and technicians have the experience and training to meet every challenge.


Regardless of the scale of the project we undertake, whether it is a renovation of an individual space or a total renovation of a house, at RENOVATOR we operate with organization and method which always works for an excellent outcome. Each of our projects go through certain stages that ensure its quality and effectiveness.

  • Determining the clients Emotional Needs: For example,How you as a client view and imagine yourself feeling when you are in your home? Intimacy; Inspiration; Relaxation; Whatever is of importance to you is discussed thoroughly with our company team which then in turn do everything possible for the client to obtain it!
  • 3D illustration: Our decorators print the design in 3D to have a realistic sense of the clients future home
  • Lighting design: One of the key features of your new home is its lighting. The lighting of a space is of much importance capable of making your home excellent or destroying it respectively all together, depending on its quality. For this reason, our team makes sure that you have the appropriate direct lighting, the right work lighting as well as the ideal atmospheric lighting. The three types of lighting that make any space fully illuminated.
  • Implementation of the plan: After all the above is accomplished, the project is brought into reality. RENOVATOR supervises the technical work and attaches great importance to creating and coinciding with perfect health dimensions.

In detail the services that we offer:

  • Assessment of residence by our engineers
  • a thorough feasibility study tailored to the customer's budget and work timetable
  • design and presentation of a proposal to the client with adjustments margins always
  • Implementation of the final plans with the organization, supervision and execution of work by our crews
  • Delivery of the completed project to the customer



  • demolition and dismantling in order to create the new layout
  • Replacing all the electrical outlets and plumbing
  • Replacement of internal frames
  • Repair / kitchen Renovation
  • Repair / Renovation bathroom
  • Repair / Floor replacement
  • Installation of heating systems
  • Upgrading of sound insulation and thermal insulation
  • Installation of ventilation systems
  • Oil painting and / or installation of upholstery
  • Furniture
  • Installation of security systems
  • Annualy / Replacing security door


  • Repair, plastering and painting the outside of the home
  • replacement of external carpentary
  • Repair / Replacement of insulated roof or tile roof
  • repair and insulation of roof
  • Heat insulation of external facades
  • Landscaping of external garden


The most economical way to increase the value of a house.

The fastest way to repair damage and make the house safer. The only way to (re) build the house that is cut to your needs and wants. At RENOVATOR we always make sure to plan, supervise and implement the renovation of your personal space, guided by your wishes, needs and the available budget. Either because you want to repair damage, or because you want to modernize and renovate your home, or even makeing it more environmentally friendly and less energy-intensive… in any case… renovating your home will increase its value and give new life.


Choosing the right partner is the most important priority of a successful renovation. RENOVATOR is one of the leading and most recognized technical companies in Athens. We make it a priority to correspond always with excellence to the wishes of our customers, this being the cornerstone of our philosophy always, which is something we are proud of. The large number of our satisfied customers, after all, are our warranty. We work closely with the customer from the initial design of the project to the final stage of the fully delivered outcome of the house. The professionalism and ethics of the company's staff ensures the faithful observance of the schedule and the quality of the work. The many years of experience of our partners, guarantee a variety of options while the flexibility in cost with the most advanced materials make the choice of RENOVATOR the most satisfying and excellent choice.

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