Clinic Renovation

Clinic Renovation

Like most professional spaces, clinics are called upon to respond to the need to create spaces with functional and aesthetic harmony, in order to keep pace with the knowledge of modern society, which enhances the dynamics of the image more than ever. Both the waiting room and the examination area must be properly designed and configured according to the specialty of each doctor and the clientele to which they are addressed.

It is obvious that the configuration of a dental practice that is addressed to both sexes will be different, and that of a gynecological clinic that mainly accommodates the female sex will be different.


The effect of color on the psycho-emotional state of man is particularly important. For this reason, the color palette of the space is one of the most basic parameters that should be studied before the renovation of a doctor's office.

In the past, most medical spaces and waiting rooms were configured with warm and mainly orange shades that were considered to give more warmth to the space. However, this practice is now disappearing as new studies and research change the knowledge on color synchronization. Researcher John Ott, in one of his studies found that many colors that are clichés and until now marked different moments of social life do not apply. A typical example of this study is the color orange which is associated with well-being and balance however is indifferent, even undesirable by most adults.

Modern trends make use of the entire color palette depending of course on the nature of the practice and more specialized depending on the use of each space


Therefore, when we talk about adult clinics, great emphasis is placed on both the waiting room and the examination room. In the waiting areas, pastel colors and color sequences are preferred, without of course excluding more intense shades, while the examination areas are characterized by minimal color contrasts depending on the specialty of the doctor and the equipment he is required to have.


The treatment of the space is completely different when it is intended for children. Unlike adult clinics, clinics aimed at young patients are characterized by bright colors and images. Cartoon heroes start from the waiting room and follow the machines in the examination area. The goal is to create a story that is as fair as possible, that will distract the children and keep their eyes busy so that their stay in the doctor's office becomes a more enjoyable and less scary experience.


Apart from the color study of the space, the building materials that will be used in the renovation of your space are also very important. In this case, too, the specialty of the practice and its audience will play a catalytic role in the choice of materials.


In the renovation of clinics for adult patients, simplicity, clean surfaces and, of course, quality building materials dominate. The addition of materials such as wood and glass is often preferred to differentiate the white and off-white surfaces that dominate the space and give a more intense character.


For the renovation of clinics for infants and young children, high quality building materials are used, but with greater emphasis on highlighting a familiar and more friendly character. The design of the space and the special configuration of the doctor's office is based on the psychology of the children.


At RENOVATOR, we undertake complete renovations of all types of clinics, and we are committed to creating functionally and aesthetically perfect projects. Our specially trained staff is at your disposal to find the solution that suits you and meets the needs of your industry. In order to provide you with the best possible result, we follow a series of steps which allow us to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the renovation of your space.

We study the psycho-emotional character of the space: in addition to the seriousness and safety that should characterize a health space, we study the general feeling that clients want their office to portray depending on the subject they specialize in.

3D illustration of the design: the decorative team of our company works tirelessly to create the design for your renewed space and presents it to you in 3D to have a more realistic image of the space

Lighting design: a professional space, and especially a health space can not be considered complete without extensive study of its proper lighting. The RENOVATOR team conducts a complete lighting study of your space and presents you with effective solutions for all the necessary types of lighting, ie the general lighting of each room, the work lighting with emphasis on the examination rooms and the atmospheric lighting that will enhance the character of the client's office.

Practical implementation of the project: after completing all the above mentioned actions, RENOVATOR proceeds to the implementation of the project in practice with special attention to the health dimension of the project and especially with absolute respect for the rules of hygiene and sterilization.


The space that houses a doctor's office greatly affects both the psychology of the patients and the efficiency of the employees in it. Trust RENOVATOR for the renovation of your practice and get a space with the functionality and aesthetics that a space in the health sector should have.


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