Store Renovation

Store Renovation

In the world of commerce, there is no room for error. The identity of a business is interconnected with the image of its store. Sales and profits are influenced by the image that will be imprinted in the mind of each customer. Based on this, we aim for the details that will make each customer's visit a wonderful shopping experience. Based on modern trends and many years of experience, we design and create your store to be a competitive advantage for your business.


As in any of our projects, in store renovation we follow a series of steps that allow us to produce professional and complete projects. Determining the character of the store:

How do you want customers to feel when they enter your store? What do you want his identity to be?
Our team discusses with you and analyzes every possible possibility to reach the result that will reflect what you have imagined for your space!

3D design illustration: the RENOVATOR decorators will then work on the design of your space and present it to you in 3D to get a taste of what the final result will look like.

Lighting and lighting study: A pleasant atmosphere in the space increases the time that the customer spends in a store, emphasizes the attractiveness of the products offered and highlights their true value. This effect can only be created if space and light are adapted to each other. Parameters such as the architecture of the room, the type of goods and the public form the basis for the correct design of lighting.

The design is divided into two parts, general lighting and accent lighting. General lighting ensures adequate brightness throughout the space while accent lighting can highlight individual areas in which you wish to guide the consumer. At the same time, with the correct lighting design, the various zones of a store are demarcated, such as the showcase, the entrance, the cash register, the rehearsal rooms, etc. Based on the value for money, we conduct the lighting study and present solutions that suit and flatter the space and goods. . With proper design and energy efficient luminaires we significantly reduce operating costs.

Implementation of the project: After the above actions are done, the practical implementation of the project begins. Our company always acts respecting the sanitary dimensions of the project and ensures that all necessary measures are observed. Summarize our actions for the renovation of stores:

  • We define the goals and expectations for the development of the business.
  • We determine the best way to use the service and sales space.
  • We aim to maximize the productivity of your employees.
  • We take care to highlight both the goods and the identity of the site assessment of the area by our engineers
  • a thorough feasibility study tailored to the customer's budget and work timetable
  • design and presentation of a proposal to the client with adjustments margins 
  • Realization of final projects by organization , supervision and execution of the work by our workshops
    Delivery of the completed project to the customer


It is always important to attract the attention of potential customers before they even enter your store, in order to give them a first look at your goods, inside of the store and in any offers. There are several ways to optimize the efficiency and aesthetics of your shop window.


Layout When it comes to the interior design of the space, which is essentially the heart of your business, you should make every effort to make it flawless. The colors, the shelves, the installation style, the lighting, the general layout and much more. Focusing on all these details we create a successful and harmonious promotion of the store. At the same time we better cover the needs of goods storage, the optimization of the sales cycle, and consequently your final profits.


Our commercial architects have worked on a variety of projects and specialize in various types of renovations. Always respecting the image of your brand and the desired style, they enhance every design part of the renovation of your space, always taking into account the current and future trends concerning the trade.



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