Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is the most utilized room of a house. It is an area used for our hygiene and care, which is why its functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics play a crucial role in the quality of life of the occupants of the house.


Damage from frequent, daily use of the bathroom can be not only be unpleasant but also dangerous to your health. Humidity, water leakage, damaged cistern, old and often rusty pipes that cause bad smells, congestion and unsuitable water for use, insufficient or non-existent ventilation. All of these are serious problems that need to be attended to immediately.

Renovating the bathroom to a much healthier environment and upgrading to an ecological use of the bathroom with the help of technology. On the one hand, there are very effective filters and pipe materials that remove harmful substances from the water we consume and thus avoid dermatological problems and irritation. On the other hand, with the appropriate plumbing (boiler, taps, telephones) we control how much water we spend and thus avoid waste and inflated bills. Finally, modern ventilation systems remove dangerous and allergenic moisture as well as unpleasant odors. All the renovations above are options used to upgrade your bathroom.The value of a property goes up significantly when its bathroom is renovated. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your property, a bathroom renovation is a must.


Adequate and proper ventilation, proper lighting, functional plumbing and electrical installation, durable and modern sanitary ware are the main elements that make a quality renovated bathroom. RENOVATOR undertakes responsibly to offer it to you within the financial framework that you define. However, before any technical work, RENOVATOR invests in a proper preparation that will lead to an equally correct project.Initially, the qualified staff of our company comes in contact with you in order to get the relevant background information of the space. Such as how a client would like to feel every time they are in their bathroom. Are they looking for a place to relax or a place that they will gather and prepare them for the demands of the coming day. The clients expectations and needs are the main pillars for the creation of their new bathroom by our team.

Then the decorators of the company will capture their ideas in 3D design so that the client has a more realistic depiction of their future bathroom.At the same time, our trained staff conducts a complete lighting study of your space. In other words, it deals with the needs of general lighting, work lighting and atmospheric lighting that will give your bathroom functionality and aesthetics.Finally, and only after all the above have preceded, we proceed to the implementation of the plan, always keeping in mind the client.

Our company offers the following

  • PROCEEDINGS for renovations
  • Removing old tiles
  • Dismantling of frames
  • lowering of hydraulic and electrical installation
  • Dismantling of old plumbing
  • Collection of waste and debris with our own tank and transport vehicle


  • Installing of new plumbing with the installation of new pipes into drains
  • Design and implement new installation
  • Installing radiators
  • Installing solar or electric water heater
  • Installing new tile
  • work waterproofing and implementing anti-mold putty
  • Installing new plumbing
  • furniture
  • Mounting new pipettes floors and shower
  • Construction stone mason shower
  • plastering and painting walls
  • Cleaning of debris with our transport vehicle

NEXT to the client from the BEGINNING TO THE END

At RENOVATOR, we are next to the client from the start of the implementation of the project until the end. After contacting us, an engineer from our company will come to your residence for a first evaluation of your space. They will carefully note the problems that exist and carefully take into consideration the clients own wishes for remodeling the bathroom. Then a team of engineers decorators and technicians from RENOVATOR will develop and present the proposal to the clients. Our staff will offer you many options within the limits of your budget with quality materials always being of importance . After the final adjustments are made, always according to your suggestions, we will set a work schedule and our crews will undertake the work always needed with supervision of the engineer, to transform your home.


Renovating a bathroom is a very serious matter. It requires to be detailed and accurate in design, knowledge and use of appropriate construction materials that will meet the challenges of moisture and harsh cleaners, creativity to utilize every inch of space, exploitation of the most advanced innovations and aesthetics. Our company has experienced and highly trained staff that will offer you many ideas and solutions for your bathroom. Besides, there are endless choices of lighting, furniture, sanitary ware and tiles that serve every budget. Our goal is to offer you a renovated bathroom that will meet your needs and desires and will upgrade your quality of life and the overall value of your home.
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