Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the busiest and most necessary room of the house. It is the place where everyone gathers and either enjoys a family meal or a friendly coffee with loved ones. The kitchen has always been the place where the heart of a house beats. Its daily use also requires the need to be well maintained, equipped and functional as possible.


But what happens when the kitchen of the house can no longer cope with its demanding role? Renovation! Many reasons make it necessary and important.

Damage caused by passage of time and its frequent use. Electrical appliances gradually breaking down, storage spaces that do the same while odors and grease from cooking are visible in cabinets, tiles and counters and floors which have lost their original appearance.

All of the above contributes in a desire for change. Aesthetics and fashion in interior design are progressing and a kitchen that was made awhile back, now presents an outdated and old-fashioned image. Renewing this vital space will change your mood and draw you back into it.

Their is a need for more functionality. Not only the aesthetics of the kitchen is surpassed but also its ergonomics over the passing of time. An upgrade is therefore required so that it can be used comfortably.

Increasing the value of the whole house. Renovation, partial or total, of this vital space will add value to your entire home.


Your kitchen may need some repairs or even a radical renovation. The space you have can be large or quite small. Your kitchen can be integrated with another room or isolated. In any case, RENOVATOR responds to your every need and desire. Before starting the technical work for the renewal of your kitchen, RENOVATOR follows a series of steps that will lead to a balanced final result.

Creating your psychological profile: How would you like to feel in your new kitchen? Are you dreaming of a creative space, ideal to inspire the next recipe for the Sunday table? Or do you prefer a more strict space with a strong organizational character? RENOVATOR talks to you to find what you are really looking for in your new space and then works tirelessly to offer it to you.

3D illustration of the design: Once you have reached the feeling that you want your space to exude, the decorative team of the company creates the three-dimensional (3D) illustration of the proposed design to have the most realistic image of your future kitchen.

Complete lighting study: A space, no matter how careful, cannot be considered aesthetically and functionally complete if it is not framed by the appropriate lighting. The complete lighting of a space consists of general lighting, work lighting and atmospheric lighting. The specialized team of RENOVATOR conducts the appropriate research and ensures that your kitchen gets the ideal lighting it deserves!

Practical implementation of the plan: After the successful completion of all the above, it is time for the practical part for the kitchen renovation where everything on paper is implemented in practice. RENOVATOR starts the technical work with its primary concern the sanitary perfection of the space.

In more detail, the work undertaken by our trained and experienced staff is the following:


  • Demolition of old storage areas (cabinets, drawers) and sanitary ware.
  • Dismantling of built-in ceramic tiles.
  • Dismantling of old frames
  • Demolition of the old plumbing and electrical installation.
  • Dismantling of old electrical equipment (sockets, switches, lights)
  • Uninstallation of old electrical appliances
  • Collection of debris with our trucks and bins.


  • Construction and installation of new water supply and sewage
  • Installing new electrical installation with more power lines
  • Installation of new sockets and switches
  • Installation of new ceramic tile
  • Installing a new sink and tap
  • Install cabinets, counters and other storage facilities
  • Installation and connection of new electrical appliances (stove, hood, refrigerator)
  • Plastering and painting
  • Installation of new frames


Choose us for the renovation of your kitchen for guaranteed quality of materials and services. Our company, immediately, from your first contact with us, provides you with a qualified engineer who will come to your residence and will make a first assessment of the condition of your kitchen and the possibilities of renovation. Together with our team of staff (engineers, decorators, technicians) you can decide the style of your new kitchen, the materials, the lighting, the location of the sink, the electric appliances, the refrigerator and the storage spaces, as well as the colors to be implemented. You as a client also defines the work schedule. And all this within the framework of your budget.


RENOVATOR sets the standards high when it comes to renovations. Our main concern is to offer you a space that will inspire you and facilitate your daily life. A renovation that will significantly increase the value of your entire home. That's why we have invested in our staff knowing that they will be the assessment of our value. We guarantee functionality, ergonomics and the best aesthetic result. Trust us!


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